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FiTOUR ® Indoor Cycling Certification

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Great Posted by Kathy Dalton from Troy, NY

Love it, Easy convenient for stay at home moms Posted by Alma Espinoza from Fort Irwin, CA

My feature Thank you for making me reach a long life goal and being a part of my dream come true. Posted by sugey cornejo from Indio , CA

Indoor Cycling Study Materials

Since the creation of Spinning®, Indoor Cycling has become one of the most popular forms of Group Exercise in the fitness industry.  With successful completion of the FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling Certification Program, you will become a part of one of the most successful fitness programs throughout the world. 

The FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling Certification course will give you all the tools you need to be a group cycling instructor extraordinaire. The curriculum covers indoor cycling equipment, biomechanics of proper pedaling, warm ups, cool downs and drills for indoor bicycle training.  You will also learn injury prevention strategies and how to teach a safe and effective indoor group cycling class.


  • Obtain a working knowledge of an Indoor Cycling Bike Equipment from the components to proper bike set-up
  • Understand the Exercise Science behind Indoor Cycling
  • Learn various formats of Indoor Cycling Classes and how to use the formats to provide your students with balanced and effective Indoor Cycling classes and programs
  • Understand risk factors, safety guidelines and how to teach Indoor Cycling to Special Populations
  • Learn how to design an Indoor Cycling class using heart rate monitoring and varying the riding profiles
  • Learn how to chose music and how to choreograph an Indoor Cycling Class


  • Provides employers and clients with the mark of excellence through dedication to expanding your knowledge through study to become and Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Study Materials

The FiTOUR® ONLINE study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. A hard copy manual is also available for only $20! All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

Flip it over, turn it upside down and you get the Group Exercise study material also FREE!

Indoor Cycling-Group Exercise Double Manual

  • FiTOUR® Group Indoor Cycling Online Study Manual - $19.99 FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Group Indoor Cycling Online Study Videos - $24.99 FREE!

Practice Examinations are available for all certifications-$9.99

Choose a certification option

In-Home Option

This certification course can be taken online from the comfort and convenience of your home. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling & Online Study Material- ONLY $79.99! SAVE $200!
FREE Backpack with $99.99 certification packageFiTOUR® Indoor Cycling & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY $99.99! SAVE $200!
Workshop Option

This certification course is offered in many cities in the US in the form of a "live" workshop by one of our qualified Master Trainers. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling Certification & Online Study Material- $79.99! SAVE $200!
FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling Certification & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY 99.99! SAVE $200!

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Featured Reviews

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Enabling capabilities and perspective

Through the Indoor Cycling Certification I have receieved enabling capabilities to support proficiency in the facilitation of Classes as well as provide a safe and engaging environment that encourages, motivates and challenges my Riders.

Posted 2/26/14 by Jim from Biloxi, MS

FITOUR really care about to delivery Quality.

Fitour its reputable and serious Company! and they are not here only to make money. They care about the business. They are truly professionals! I plan to take all the workshops they offer and I hope they will expand and bring more certifications...I keep waiting because I want all : )

Posted 2/17/14 by Veronica from San Marcos, CA

Great place to get Certified

Very affordable to get certified and also for CEC's

Posted 10/2/13 by Lara Lindquist from Camarillo, CA


So affodable, plenty of study guides to help you for the exam. I would reccomend this to everyone considering becoming an instructor.

Posted 3/3/13 by Melissa from Stockton, CA

Very convenient.

Posted 1/13/13 by Russell Kline from Port St Lucie, FL

All you need to know!

I recommend. This cycling certification go direct to the point , and give you a global and individualized idea what's needs to be done at a cycling class, plus lots of tips for safety ,etc,etc!

Posted 12/28/12 by Veronica Scheier from San Marcos, CA

Awesome and well worth it.

Macey Miller was an awesome instructor and very knowledgeable. I can wait to switch from being the participant to being the instructor.

Posted 11/4/12 by Bobby Jones from Evans, GA

Liked the online videos - Would recommend!!

Posted 6/26/12 by Shelly from Naples, FL

Posted 4/30/12 by Jennifer adams from perkinston, MS

This gives you the confidence to move forward!

Having an indoor cycling certification gets me one step closer to achieving my goals. Fitour has made it so easy! Thank you!

Posted 2/20/12 by Melissa Graham from Glasgow, KY


no trick wording to try and confuse you. Exactly as you read it in the book.

Posted 2/15/12 by Pam Horn from Champaign, IL

awesome, fun, educational, do it.

happy with material covered in dvd/book.

Posted 2/1/12 by jill betz from telluride, CO

great experience and motivational

Posted 1/27/12 by Darwin Mitchell from Ft. Defiance, AZ

Great class with a lot of great material.

Posted 1/10/12 by Jennifer from Anderson, SC

The book is incredibly informative.

Although I have been a cycling instructor for many years I found this book very informative. I also felt the exam flowed well to the material.

Posted 1/4/12 by Richard Nelson from Hopedale, MA

Outstanding course

Really enjoyed this course. The training materials were very good and the test was easy to understand. It was very beneficial to me.

Posted 12/30/11 by Mark from Parma, OH


Posted 12/22/11 by Tefinie Edwards from Corinth, MS

Fitness Rules In Napa, CA!

Im blessed as I was taught by the best instructors in the World!

Posted 12/17/11 by Machine

excellent certification choice for the busy

Posted 12/12/11 by cherry from fairborn, OH

Great Training...

Was certified 2 years ago...just took the renewal exam. Highly recommend Fitour to anyone looking to get into teaching cycling!! They are really up to date in all their material.

Posted 11/21/11 by Michelle from Foothill Ranch, CA

Very good info, easy to follow and understand

Posted 9/27/11 by gena davis from crawfordville, FL

Very Educational

Posted 7/12/11 by Crissy from Uniontown, PA

Awesome certification

It has all the info you need to create a great class!!

Posted 7/10/11 by Jennifer Johns from Virginia Beach, VA

Excellent program!!!

Great for those who already cycle indoors, but want to perfect their skills.

Posted 7/3/11 by Anonymous


I absolutely LOVED this certification protocol! The workbook includes great examples for one to use in their classes, whether one has beginners, intermediate or advanced students & DVD was great! I am HIGHLY recommending thi to my friends!

Posted 6/27/11 by Iva from Rock Hill, SC

Real World

I love you can take the exam at home and use your resources to answer the question.

Posted 6/4/11 by Gregory Monivis Jr from Seffner, FL

very detail oriented, interesting, glad I took it!

Read the book, then watched the DVD, very detail oriented, the level of instruction was great. I have been teaching classes for a long time but needed to certify to continue at my present gym and this provided me with what I needed to be certified.

Posted 4/12/11 by Melanie from Macungie, PA

Informative Instruction

I felt the book and the video prepared me fully for the examination, and has given me confidence to instruct others in indoor cycling.

Posted 3/7/11 by Amy from Cleona, PA

Covering all the material

The cycling certification covered all the concerns that a beginning instructor should have.

Posted 2/25/11 by Dean DiMarco from Lexington, KY

Great overall questions & awesome review of material!

Posted 2/22/11 by Wendy from Pleasant Grove, UT

Fast...informative and totally worth it!

I am an experienced indoor cycler with a desire to teach. FiTours has given me the certifcation I need to move forward and inspire others as an official insstructor. I was so impressed, I already signed up for the Hatha Yoga certification!

Posted 2/2/11 by Tina Manus from Stratford, CT

Everything I needed to know!

The layout of this book was easy to understand, and the exam was easier than I thought. I will buy my future certifications through Fitour!

Posted 1/31/11 by Maria Diazviana from Lehigh Acres, FL


Posted 1/19/11 by Darnell Gardener from Port Saint Lucie, FL


user-friendly and comprehensive

Posted 12/22/10 by BRANDI STEWART from BURLINGTON, NC


I thought the test hit the marks as to what was covered in the book and the DVD. The DVD helped me to make sense of some of the book definitions. Thank you!!!

Posted 10/18/10 by Weslie from Woodbine, GA

Great Workshop, and Motivating Trainer

Jen Smith was awesome, and it encouraged me to be a better cycling instructor. I have been 'dreaming' of becoming one for over a year, and am excited to put my experience and training to the test. If I could be JUST LIKE JEN I would! THANK YOU!

Posted 10/13/10 by Jami Skiver from Springfield, OR

Cycling Certification course recommended!

I took the Johnny G certification four years ago and have been teaching cycling since. However, I needed to be re-certified since I didn't keep up my CEUs. The Fitour certification not only covers everything the other cert did and more. I learned new and interesting drills and I love the sample classes provided in the book. The DVD is like attending the all-day workshop in the comfort of your own home. Plus, I purchased the certification for half price during a promotion. What a great value! If you've never taught before, I recommend taking other experienced instructors' classes in addition to completing this certification. You still need practical experience to apply what you've learned in this course.

Posted 9/12/10 by Betsy Landon from Nashua, NH

Had a great time at the clinic at Oakway fitness!

Jen Smith was great in her delivery of the information. She used humor as well as practical examples. I was really motivated by her enthusiasm for the company & the class she was teaching!

Posted 9/12/10 by Michelle Klinko from Eugene, OR

It was great!

Jen Smith was awesome.

Posted 9/9/10 by Jennifer Jackson from Pleasant Hill, OR

Excellent, informative, I feel more prepared to teach.

Posted 5/31/10 by Jamie Lorenc from Springfield, MO

Very detailed in information reviewed

Posted 5/20/10 by Kristen Swafford from Franklin, NC


This course was very detailed and well instructed and i feel prepared to teach a class!

Posted 4/15/10 by Anonymous

Easy to follow Video and book

Posted 4/12/10 by Patti from Atlanta, GA

Lots of good information and great dvd

Thank you for making this cycling cource available to me, I loved it and the information was priceless. Thanks again! Mark

Posted 3/27/10 by Mark Phillips from Dallas, TX


The book is well structured to be able to learn fast and easy. The additional CD is a real help in visualizing the correct positions and executions. Thank you!

Posted 3/1/10 by Gabriel Coja from Snowmass Village, CO

Easy and fun to study for.

Posted 11/6/09 by Anonymous

Well worth it!

I was trained by fellow instructors and through master classes to teach indoor cycling, but didn't become officially certified until I heard about fitour. Great information and ideas for classes, even for experienced riders!

Posted 9/20/09 by Anonymous

very informative

Posted 7/26/09 by Anonymous

Great for "Seasoned" Instructors!

This certification is great. It's a great way to keep your certification current and keep up and review latest trends without the lengthy and often repetitive workshops.

Posted 6/26/09 by Lisa Avila from San Antonio, TX

Great material/book

Very useful information and ideas for indoor cycling

Posted 6/12/09 by Amy Sanderson from Auburn, AL

Efficient and Time saving

Posted 6/12/09 by Michelle Lam from Windsor, ON

Great training for the materials I received

The book was very detailed and explained every aspect of spinning.

Posted 5/1/09 by Lindsey from Saint Robert, MO

clear and informative

Posted 4/30/09 by lisa harlow from liberty hill, TX

Easy, fast and convenient

The program arrived quickly after I ordered. It is easy to follow and convenient to do from home. I spent months trying to find indoor cycling certifications; there were few options and all would have cost 3 or 4 times as much money, in addition to hours of travel. The only problems I had were that my video stopped and skipped through some portions and that the connection went bad mid-test; I was able to re-connect at the appropriate place in the test and complete it on time.

Posted 2/12/12 by Anonymous

Question #60 should be looked at. The book does not list Gluteus Maximus as a muscle used at the Top Dead Point.

Posted 12/14/11 by Fred Ridgeway from Bella Vista, AR

Concise Certification!

Very informative yet concise. Enjoyed our time in class with Macey Miller. She put on a good class that taught not only the basics but also alot of her own helpful hints into the class...Thanks!

Posted 11/14/10 by Joan from Sumter, SC

Informative and Successful

This certification was the least stressful. I have always struggled with anticipation of the pressure I put on myself when testing. Just knowing that I had time after the initial class reduced that pressure and I was able to enjoy it more. The whole experience with the way FiTour has designed this type of certification was very positive. Thank you.

Posted 9/11/10 by Janet Johnson from Eugene, OR

I loved it. totally enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 1/15/10 by Casey Ledet from Jarreau, LA

Simple, easy to follow book

Posted 12/14/09 by Jane Reynolds from Camano Island, WA


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