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Quality and Convenience I am so thankful for the FiTour online certification program and the high quality of the educational materials and trainers Posted by Sandra Philbin from Spokane, WA

Great information for new instructors. Posted by Anonymous

good information Posted by patrick from california, CA

Group Exercise Study Materials

Get the necessary tools to begin your career as a Group Fitness Instructor with FiTOUR®’s group fitness instructor certification.  You’ll learn how to share fitness and health with others in a fun and enjoyable group setting with FiTOUR®’s Primary Group Exercise Certification.

The FiTOUR® Primary Group Exercise Certification is for all fitness professionals who teach exercise in a group setting – whether you are a Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer.  The FiTOUR® Primary Group Exercise Certification is also great for experienced Group Exercise Instructors who would like to brush up on fitness instructor technique and execution or who would like to renew their Group Fitness Instructor certification.


The FiTOUR® Primary Group Exercise Instructor Certification Program will provide Group Fitness Instructors the tools necessary to teach a safe and effective fitness class in a group setting.  The FiTOUR® Primary Group Exercise Certification Program is also perfect for Personal Trainers who want to expand their marketability by breaking into the Personal Group Training market.

  • Careful study of the Primary Group Exercise Instructor manual and study videos will provide you with the information necessary to successfully pass the Group Fitness Instructor Certification Examination.
  • Attendance at a Live Certification Workshop will provide the  Group Fitness Instructor candidate with the opportunity to participate in and successfully pass a practical examination:
  • FiTOUR®’s Primary Group Exercise Certification provides detailed review of the following topics:
    • Objectives of Group Exercise Instruction
    • Five Components of Fitness
    • F.I.T. Principle and Basic Training Concepts
    • Basic Anatomy, Kinesiology & Physiology
    • Basic Nutrition and Weight Management
    • ACSM Guidelines, Exercise Safety & Injury Prevention
    • Class Format, Cueing, Music and Choreography
    • Basic Class Formats
  • Kickboxing
  • Step
  • Hi/Low
  • Circuit
  • Class Design


  • Successful completion of the Primary Group Exercise Instructor Certification Program assures employers and clients that you carry the mark of excellence through dedication to expanding your knowledge through study to become aCertified Fitness Instructor with FiTOUR®’s Group Exercise Instructor Certification
  • Personal Trainers will learn valuable information on how to successfully provide their Group Clients with effective programming and motivation
  • Successful completion of the Primary Group Exercise Instructor Certification Program, will provide you with confidence when applying for a Group Exercise Instructor job
  • Holding a current Primary Group Exercise Instructor Certification will give you the credentials needed to obtain group fitness insurance.

Study Materials

The FiTOUR® ONLINE study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. A hard copy manual is also available for only $20! All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

Flip it over, turn it upside down and you get the your choice of 2nd manual study material also FREE!

Group Exercise-your choice of 2nd manual Double Manual

  • FiTOUR® Group Exercise Online Study Manual- $19.99 FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Group Exercise Online Study Videos- $24.99 FREE!

Practice Examinations are available for all certifications-$9.99

Choose a certification option

In-Home Option

This certification course can be taken online from the comfort and convenience of your home. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Group Exercise & Online Study Material- ONLY $79.99! SAVE $200!
FREE Backpack with $99.99 certification packageFiTOUR® Group Exercise & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY $99.99! SAVE $200!
Workshop Option

This certification course is offered in many cities in the US in the form of a "live" workshop by one of our qualified Master Trainers. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Group Exercise Certification & Online Study Material- $79.99! SAVE $200!
FiTOUR® Group Exercise Certification & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY 99.99! SAVE $200!

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Featured Reviews

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Excellent material!

The material in the book was very detailed, and had all the information a person could ask for when studying for their Group Exercise certification!

Posted 3/30/14 by Joshua Baugh from Spartanburg, SC

Thanks to Fitour! Great and achievable certification!

I am grateful to Fitour for offering this certification, which has given me solidity in a job I love!

Posted 3/19/14 by Anonymous

Very comprehensive study materials-mailed quickly

I needed certifications for group exercise to teach my SilverSneakers classes and this was perfect. On top of my Lifeguard and Pro CPR, I feel more confident with each class I take and teaching my classes is paying off by all of the compliments I receive from students.

Posted 10/22/13 by Rebecca from Milwaukee, WI

Will re- certify with FiTOUR.

Affordable, convenient!

Posted 8/21/13 by G.C from Higland, IN

Easy to Re-up!

Would be nice to receive an emailed alert to re-up/re-cert from Fitour.

Posted 7/8/13 by Mika from Tyler, TX

Very very easy to understand

Very easy to understand-much cheaper than other fitness conpmanies

Posted 6/28/13 by Elizabeth from Toccoa , GA

Informative & convenient

I have been teaching Group Ex for about 6 years and decided to change my certification to FiTour. The study materials were great and informatative and good refresher. I would recommend this program to any instructor. I've order 3 other certifications after this one because I loved it so much.

Posted 3/12/13 by Lisa from Orlando, FL

I've been a member for 5yrs and I love it!

Posted 2/14/13 by Deborah Taylor from Willoughby Hills, OH

I find you courses fun and informative...keep up the good work. I look forward to continuing my education with FiTour!

Posted 8/18/12 by Marie Ruel from Pittsfield, MA

Excellent Study Material

Posted 4/3/12 by Rebecca Sonner from Reynoldsburg, OH

Test was great! If you read the book and watch the video, you will have no problem completing the test. Very informative. Great course. I will definetly use you again.

Posted 3/30/12 by Dara from Calabash, NC

book very detailed

Posted 2/20/12 by Amanda Palmer from loranger, LA


Posted 2/19/12 by JEMUEL JAMES from PALM BAY, FL

Great for Experienced Instructors

This is an affordable Cert for already experienced instructors. Would make a great Grp X Cert for Zumba instructors who are well practiced and need to meet a gyms Nationally Rec. cert requirements.

Posted 2/10/12 by Anonymous

Great testing experience

FITOUR makes it very clear and easy to become certified in Group fitness. I really enjoyed the material and process of getting my certification.

Posted 1/29/12 by Anonymous

Great class

Great teaching format and well worth the investment. Thanks FiTour

Posted 1/25/12 by Anonymous

Super way to study and take the exam.

The study material and exam was thorough and comprehensive. Taking the test online was a huge help.

Posted 1/23/12 by Kim from Lehigh, FL

Group Training Certification is Excellent

I have been a group trainer for 30 years and still found this to be an excellent refresher/certification course. The study materials are also excellent reference materials for my fitness business.

Posted 1/22/12 by Paula Hochman from Clearwater, FL

Comprehensive, and easy to understand! Thank you!

Very nice course. Gives good information with easy to read layout in manual. I was able to complete this course in about 2 weeks doing a chapter or two in the evenings.

Posted 1/20/12 by Meggamom


I really enjoyed this class! It gave me a wonderful foundation to teach, motivate and insure safety of the students.

Posted 1/19/12 by Kim Davis from Elkhorn, NE

Great, informative way to enter the futness industry!

This certification program is a great value for the information that you receive. The on-line, home option is a great choice for anyone ready to pursue the fitness industry. Thank you Fitour!

Posted 12/29/11 by Melissa G.


Great program! Wonderful Information. Easy to follow! Thank you FiTour!

Posted 12/11/11 by Jeanette Clemens from Theodore, AL

Great online certification program

Posted 12/1/11 by Chrissy from FPO, AP

Lots of info and thourough exam

I am always impressed with the text books and how the questions on the exams are to the point. Some companies are out to trick you. Fitour doesn't play games, they just get the job done - thanks! Group Exercise Certification was a great refresher for me being a personal trainer. It was quick and to the point. For those needing a first time exam, study and enjoy what you are taking in, you will need it in the future while you teach/instruct.

Posted 9/19/11 by Sarah Hansel from Eldridge, IA

Everything about this certification was great! I will definitely be using you guys for all of my certifications!!!

Posted 9/14/11 by Jessie Ferguson from Charlotte, NC

I loved the class, learned a great deal, and had fun!

Posted 1/9/11 by Jean Failmezger from Sumter, SC

Great Comprehensive Course-a joy to complete.

The preparation materials for this group exercise course are second to non. And the extra course certification books promote additional knowledge and increased interest in further certifications. A fantastic course!

Posted 1/4/11 by Shannon from Shaw AFB, SC

easy A, great format!

I took the course online for group excersise certification. The information was in depth but to the point, as outline in the book. I recommend this program.

Posted 1/2/11 by Corina

Yay! so excited to get teaching!

The study material and supplies are awesome and thorough. Test is exactly what I expected and they give plenty of time.

Posted 1/2/11 by Katherine from Portland, ME

The material is presented excellently.

The material is presented excellently both in written form and on the DVD. The one thing I would add to the DVD is someone demonstrating some of the basic moves for those who are new to group teaching especially with the different types of hi-lo or specialty classes.

Posted 12/13/10 by Sheri from Chattanooga, TN

Thanks Fitour for helping me achieve my goal. Online training was great!!!

Posted 9/5/10 by Mary Fox from Augusta, GA

An affordable, excellent certification

This certification gives you what you need to know in an efficient, concise manner. The sample classes listed in the back of the book are awesome!

Posted 8/29/10 by Anonymous

Highly recommend

Informative, convenient, and great price! Great for busy working professionals. THANKS FITOUR!

Posted 8/28/10 by Jeannie from Young Harris, GA

Better than AFAA

Covered more material pertinant to Group X instructors!

Posted 8/16/10 by Raelene Hornby from North Kingstown, RI

VERY convenient for a full time working mom!!

Is there any way to find out what I missed?

Posted 8/15/10 by Regina Phillips from Corryton, TN

Easy to navigate. great training materials.

Posted 8/4/10 by Nancy Merrill from York, ME

Posted 7/25/10 by Liuli Miller from Ransom Canyon, TX

excellent training

I gained a better perspective in learning to become an effective group fitness trainer!

Posted 6/19/10 by Sherman from Bremerton, WA

Covered all the basics.

Posted 5/15/10 by Rhonda Honeycutt from Odem, TX

Posted 5/14/10 by Kurt Peluso from Fair Lawn, NJ

Quick, Concise and Easy Certification

Posted 5/9/10 by Kelly from Westminster, MD

Great Information, Great Course!

Posted 5/7/10 by Beth Brown from Hermitage, PA

great course

loved it

Posted 5/2/10 by James from Sabattus, ME

i really enjoyed taking the test.It was great

Posted 4/28/10 by Chaya Pancer from Brooklyn, NY

I am so glad I took this certification class and exam!

I enjoyed learning and reveiwing and taking this class from my own home. It made it easy, but at the same time exciting and full of knowledge.

Posted 4/21/10 by susan from palm bay, FL


This was awesome, very thorough in the video and booklet. Thank you so very much!

Posted 3/31/10 by Jenie

Had so much fun and learned a lot!

I had so much fun taking this class. I am so excited about being certified now and that I can start getting more into teaching Group E. I learned a lot from Fitour, and cannot wait to get my next certification from them!

Posted 3/20/10 by Becky, Spanish Fork

Thanks for keeping me sharp in my field of fitness

Thank You Fitour

Posted 3/14/10 by joe lane from NC, NC

Love the DVD that comes with the book!

I love the DVD that comes with the book! It totally walks you through the manual step by step and points out the important things to remember. I love doing this from home as well.

Posted 2/11/10 by Susie Cahill from Salem, MO

Great place to start.

This class builds a great foundation for teaching! The instructor Tracy was great and has an unbelievable amount of experience.

Posted 2/8/10 by Brittani from Ball Ground, GA

Easy to Learn -

This was great - book was easy to follow, I learned so much and I appreciate the opportunity to do it on-line. Thank you!

Posted 1/22/10 by April from winston Salem, NC

This course was great. My instructor Deirdre was very knowledgable in all fields and gave us new ideas to take to our classes. I would recommend this certification if you are looking to get into Group Exercise.

Posted 1/17/10 by Tomeika from Smyrna, GA

Instructor was extremely knowledgable and motiving!!!

Posted 11/15/09 by Jeanette Smith from Hephzibah, GA

Very informative!!

Posted 11/15/09 by Roger Jordan from Hephzibah, GA

as a previous certified instructor this was GREAT

affordable for me to renew!

Posted 11/5/09 by Jennifer from Toccoa, GA

Lots of information to use from now on!

Thank you for the all inclusive group exercise class. This is truly a general knowledge course that will get anyone ready for group teaching.

Posted 11/2/09 by Patricia from Moreno Valley, CA

Having been educated as a Doctor with 24 years experience in the fitness industry, I completely appreciate the focus of the Primary Group Fitness Instructor Manual. Instructors who take this information to heart and apply it to their classes will serve their participants well. And, after all, it's about the hearts of those whom we have been blessed to call participants and become friends.

Posted 10/1/09 by Monica from Kennesaw, GA

Easy and affordable.

I am spreading the word about this. I highly recommend this to any instructors or instructors to be. Very affordable and easy, take the certification on your own time at your own place. Thanks Fitour!

Posted 9/16/09 by Anonymous

Carol Ann did a GREAT job at LDM&F in Tampa!

Carol Ann did a fantastic job covering A LOT of material, from nutrition to choreographing to kineseology in a very efficient way. The class included a lot of demonstrations of exercises, ranging from Circuit Training to Aerobics! I highly recommend this certification class!

Posted 9/13/09 by mary carroll from tampa, FL


Very thorough yet doesn't get bogged down with intricate details a GroupX instructor doesn't really need to know. Very affordable and easy to keep up.

Posted 8/29/09 by Catherine from Pinson, AL

Well worth the money and time!! Easy to read and learn

Posted 8/3/09 by Kandy Gibson from Auburn, AL

I definitely recommend this course for any person looking for a way to continue their passion while still tending to a busy lifestyle.

Posted 7/30/09 by Dalena from Hollywood, FL

Posted 6/28/09 by VIRGINIE from MARIETTA, GA

Great quality, information and price! loved it.

Posted 6/8/09 by Tanya Beedle from Athens, GA

Great practical applications

Finally a certification that not only goes into theory, but shows a lot of practical applications and sample classes!

Posted 6/7/09 by Anonymous



Very comprehensive

The Group Fitness on-line certification course was very well organized and comprehensive

Posted 5/10/09 by ILENE WOOD RN from corpus christi, TX


This course was very educational but easy to follow. Able to work at your own pace and take the test when you feel ready. The test follows your book from front to back. Like I said earlier, very easy to follow!!!

Posted 2/12/12 by Amanda from taylorsville, KY

This was surprisingly fun and informative!

I have taught fitness classes for 18.5 years, but I haven't recertified in several years because our gym doesn't require it. I took this because I felt the need personally to brush up on things. I wondered if it would be another lame course like I've taken from other companies in the past, but it wasn't! I found the DVD instructor to be professional and knowledgeable. It was an enjoyable study / review. The only thing I would suggest is to have a note or something that indicates that the book and the DVD are to be used together right away. Maybe it is obvious to some, but it wasnt obvious to me right away.

Posted 1/19/12 by bivstikk

Very easy to follow

I am very satisfied with my results of taking my first certification with Fitour. They make it easy to follow, as little time consuming as possible. That is very important to me as a full time mom, having a full time and a part time job, as well as a wife!!! Thank you Fitour!!!

Posted 5/27/11 by Juanita Lopez from Cassville, MO

Great way to become a Certify Group Instructor

This is the best way to learn and become certify as a Group Instructor. Very few people have time to attend a workshop. Online courses allowed busy working professionals to continue their education. Thanks

Posted 4/2/10 by Elvia Palumbo from Enterpirse, AL

Real Easy, Real Fast

Took the certification to see if I could recommend to my employees and I found it is good way to obtain additional training for their careers in fitness

Posted 10/15/09 by fit girl in charlotte

Posted 9/14/09 by Brian Orndorff from Guthrie, OK

learned a lot

Posted 8/12/09 by Adelia from Jacksonville, NC


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