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Excellent review to renew and good price too. Just disagree with Question # 8 definition of study of muscles is kinesiology. Never heard of myology. Also, #14 is primary risk factors? Posted by Diane from Aurora, IL

I love the ease of the certification process. With this certification, I was able to get a great job at the In-Shape Gym in Hanford, Calif and have enjoyed 2 years of great aqua fun. Thank you Posted by Sandra St.John from Hanford, CA

The book and review online is great The book and review online help tremendously to get ready for the exam. The questions are pretty straight forward. Posted by GP from VA

Aqua Study Materials

Aqua Fitness is the wave of the future for Group Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. Become a Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor through successful completion of FiTOUR®’s comprehensive water fitness certification program.

Make an impressive splash with your employers, students and clients by completing the FiTOUR® Aqua Fitness Instructor Certification Program.   Whether you choose FiTOUR®’s In-Home Study Program or Certification Workshop Program, you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful personal water fitness instructor.


The FiTOUR® Aqua Certification Program and Exam will provide the tools necessary to provide a safe aqua fitness program in an aqua fitness class or in a one-on-one aqua personal training session.

  • Obtain a work knowledge of the Properties of Water and how to apply them to aqua fitness training programs
  • Understand Kinesiology, Physiology and Biomechanics and how water fitness relates to each topic
  • Understand risk factors, safety guidelines and working with Special Populations
  • Learn how to design an aqua fitness programs for water fitness classes or for water personal training


  • Successful completion of the Aqua Fitness Certification Program and obtaining a passing score on the Aqua Certification Exam provides employers and clients with the mark of excellence through dedication to expanding your knowledge through study to become a  Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor  with FiTOUR®’s Aqua Fitness Certification Program.

Study Materials

The FiTOUR® ONLINE study material for this FiTOUR® certification listed below is FREE! with registration. A hard copy manual is also available for only $20! All FiTOUR® certification exams are based on the content of the study materials. FiTOUR® encourages participants to review the study materials in advance of the certification to ensure a higher examination success rate.

Flip it over, turn it upside down and you get the Group Exercise study material also FREE!

Aqua-Group Exercise Double Manual

  • FiTOUR® Aqua Online Study Manual- $19.99 FREE!
  • FiTOUR® Aqua Online Study Videos - $24.99 (6 hours of a FiTOUR® Aqua Workshop) FREE!

Practice Examinations are available for all certifications-$9.99

Choose a certification option

In-Home Option

This certification course can be taken online from the comfort and convenience of your home. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Aqua & Online Study Material- ONLY $79.99! SAVE $200!
FREE Backpack with $99.99 certification packageFiTOUR® Aqua & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY $99.99! SAVE $200!
Workshop Option

This certification course is offered in many cities in the US in the form of a "live" workshop by one of our qualified Master Trainers. The Official Online Study Manual & Online Study Videos are INCLUDED FREE!!

FiTOUR® Aqua Certification & Online Study Material- $79.99! SAVE $200!
FiTOUR® Aqua Certification & Hard Copy Study Manual - ONLY 99.99! SAVE $200!

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Featured Reviews

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I love Aqua Classes

The course book is informative and has good pictures. It is easy to understand the material. I have great fun teaching Aqua classes.

Posted 2/28/14 by Heide Cutler from Saline, MI

Good Material

Aqua Aerobics is such a wonderful certification. I enjoyed the material and therefore was able to complete the test fairly quickly and with a good score.

Posted 1/24/14 by Heide Cutler from Saline, MI

Good info & great examples. Carol Ann was amazing.

The information given was very detailed and the examples well executed. Over all it's a great program for the price. I only have one concern...on one of the test questions dealing with anatomy the question was "What muscle was in line one". When you click on the page for the picture there is no line one, it just shows the muscles with three numbers like 86, 43, 76 ( not exact numbers) pointing to different muscles, it was very confusing, I had to guess what it meant.

Posted 1/2/14 by Melanie from Suisun City, CA

good comprehensive test

Posted 12/18/13 by Tracie Strain from Newton, KS

Carol Ann is a wonderful instructor!

Excellent program. Very through.Loved having the DVD to review over & over & the book. How could you not pass?!! Thanks so much. S&H the pits.

Posted 7/15/13 by Patricia from Roanoke, VA

Great course,

Very easy to access. Excellent content. The lectures were excellent.

Posted 4/11/13 by Brenda Biek from Niles, MI

THe instructor on line was fabulous

She did a fantastic job of helping you to make sure you knew what to study, gave excellent examples.

Posted 10/3/12 by Regina Fisher from Charlotte, NC

I recommend it. Is it worth the investment!

Lots of useful information for the performance of the profession!

Posted 8/26/12 by Veronica Scheier from San Marcos, CA

The DVD and the practical workshop was very helpful!

Posted 7/2/12 by Jewell from Round Rock, TX

Best Certification Ever

I have been Fitour Water Fitness Trainer for a long time. I just loved the material and the DVDs. They have details for making you the Best in your Area. I get a job anywhere I go. I love you guys! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Dione

Posted 3/19/12 by Dione Anderton from Henrico, VA

Very good and detailed

I enjoyed the Aqua certification. Lots of interesting facts and good hands-on exercises explained and shown.

Posted 3/4/12 by Heide from Saline, MI

Quick and easy.

Lecture part was great! Recording during the exercise demonstrations could have been better. There were a lot of background noises, a lot of background pounding and other people splashing in the water, and walking about the pool area. A bit distracting, if you ask me. But other than that, I still give you 5 stars for the great overall presentation! :)

Posted 2/12/12 by JEANETH GLENN from JEROME, ID

The on-line instructions are easy to follow. Thank you.

Posted 2/10/12 by Martha from Ridgeland, MS

As an exercise physiologist who has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years I felt that FiTOUR provided correct information in an easy to learn text/format for the Aqua certification. I enjoyed the on-line option because I am unable to travel due to a hectic schedule with my children.

Posted 1/4/12 by Kristin from Warrenton, VA

excellent instructor, easy to follow book

Posted 12/14/11 by Anonymous

I learned some new things that will help with my class

I enjoyed the class & the instructor, she was really good. I feel this will help me be more aware when I'm teaching a class.

Posted 12/12/11 by Sonnie Noble from Springfield , MO

Thorough and efficient testing module; immediate response by technical support to address my question.

Posted 11/7/11 by Walela

Book was very easy to follow

Easy reading touched on important topics.

Posted 10/8/11 by Nathalie Durand from Naples, FL

Great preparation for a beginner!

Detailed outline on choreography with fabulous examples of exercises to get you started!

Posted 8/10/11 by Anonymous

Great course. Excellent format.

Posted 2/6/11 by Ann Craig from Gulf Shores, AL

i was very pleased with the test

being able to take in at home along with training material was great

Posted 10/22/10 by florence urias from los banos, CA

Excellent Course..

Great Course. Instructor DVD was very helpful and she is motivating, clear, and concise. The Guide was also a fantastic component with the DVD. I look forward to taking more courses with Fitour.

Posted 9/28/10 by Desirae Walsh from Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Easy to use and navigate

I am yet again impressed at how easy home education can be for instructors. While taking my first class was imperative to understanding concepts the follow-up with renewals through Fitour's online program is one of the best in the industry. Very focused questions and easy to do in under an hour!

Posted 8/8/10 by Karen Cowden from Orlando, FL

Aqua Aerobic

I feel this was much better than Ace or AFFA, as the follow along CD makes it more interesting and easier to follow for home study. Plus the CD gives you many great ideas for putting a Class together...great surport!

Posted 7/20/10 by Michelle Steppens from Oakland Park, FL

was very informative Carolanne did a great job

Carolann did a great job explaining and demonstrating, Watched the CD along with the book 2x and passed with out looking back. Look forward to Getting recertified as a personal trainer, through Fitour

Posted 4/26/10 by Ernest Miller from Weston, FL

Very thorough & equipping for new/ experienced trainers

Posted 4/12/10 by Veronica alfaro from Los Banos, CA


I just loved the whole program from start to finish. The instructor carol ann is very pleasant to watch and she made it easy to sit there for 6 hours. Thanks...i will be getting further programs soon.

Posted 3/25/10 by MONICA from ROSCOE, NY

Complete and detailed verbal and written instructions

Posted 2/21/10 by Debbie from Florissant, MO

Straight and to the point instruction

I watched the DVD/CD. Wrote in the accompanying book and reviewed all the info before I took the test. I got a high score and felt like I had a good understanding of the material. Thank you Fitour.

Posted 2/5/10 by Cynthia Mascott from Sherman Oaks, CA

I enjoyed the flexibility of studying at home.

It was great having the manual with pictures and DVD to help me become more knowledgeable about aquatic exercise, and to sufficiently prepare for the on-line exam.

Posted 2/5/10 by Tonia Mitchell from Tallahassee, FL

tough but informative!

good exam, great book, wonderful photos showing moves for aqua exercise

Posted 11/10/09 by Jennifer from Toccoa, GA

Posted 11/4/09 by Anonymous

The CD is great and easy to follow, I am so happy I used a notebook and wrote down all of the important points. Thanks Fitour, I have been training to teach at a YMCA. Looking forward to a great career in water fitness.

Posted 10/22/09 by from ,

Posted 8/19/09 by Sandra Kersey from Wadsworth, OH

Comprehensive & practical for an at-home exam!

I was pleasantly surprised that this at-home course was so comprehensive & practical. As an experienced instructor wanting to branch out, this course (especially the video but the manual as well) covered all the basics, not just the terminology & the facts, but the practical exercises as well. A great surprise!

Posted 6/26/09 by Jackie from Fair Lawn, NJ

I really have enjoyed all the courses I have taken

Thank you for your quick reply to my testing issue. It is a pleasure to deal with this company. I really have enjoyed all the courses I have taken with you guys it has enhanced my ability to teach a wide variety of fitness programs to my High School Physical Education classes and has affected the fitness levels of my young and old individuals. Thanks again and I look forward to taking more courses with you. I also think carol ann does a great job of teaching these courses she makes it very enjoyable!!!

Posted 6/17/09 by Suzanne Goumba

Posted 2/14/14 by tamara tindall from crossville, TN

Specific and professional presentation!

I was nervous about my first online certification experience, but I came away very impressed. I have been a water fitness instructor for several years, having trained with others. Now I have a better understanding of the "why and how"...Thanks so much!

Posted 8/28/13 by Eureka from PA

good study manual

Posted 2/13/12 by gayla smith from dothan, AL

I have previously taken another aquatic certification and I found the Fitour materials to be excellent by comparison. I have also take other Fitour classes and liked them very much!

Posted 7/26/10 by Pat Pierson from Tucson, AZ

Informative of fitness components as well as exercises.

The manual and video were informative both for fitness components and knowledge as well as exercise examples. I found it to be helpful and benficial in preparing to teach aqua.

Posted 1/29/10 by Anonymous

Practical to use

I like that I was able to watch and rewatch the dvd as many times as I needed. In case that you are not a dvd-friendly;, the dvd-information is printed in the handbook manual.

Posted 1/12/10 by BETTZI from San Diego, CA


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